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This internal resource provides technical documentation for the website’s setup and licensing. It is not intended for public viewing and serves as a reference for current and future developers. Feel free to explore and reach out if you have any questions.

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Website Software Licensing
As of 2/14/2024, your site runs on the following software.

WordPress, open source free licensing
Thrive Themes, discounted professional website licensing provided by Mafost Marketing
Wordfence, free licensing for website security
Perfmatters, code and asset management licensing provided by Mafost Marketing

Feeling overwhelmed by the marketing jungle? Don’t sweat it! The Mafost Marketing Help Hub is your one-stop oasis, offering quick and actionable articles to master any marketing task. Dive into these 3 curated articles for instant results!

  • Website Design Basics – This resource explains the underlying design and speed principles of your web design.
  • What Is SEO? – This resource helps you grow your local and online presence. It will help you increase traffic to your website and to your Google Maps listings.
  • Advertising Basics for Small Businesses – If you’re ready to grow your business with new leads, traffic, and greater reach, but want to DIY, this resource is for you.

Please keep these resources handy as your business grows. Should you need help renewing your licenses, please reach out any time.

About the author 

Matt Foster

Matt Foster, the mastermind behind Mafost Marketing, is on a mission to empower small businesses with digital marketing muscle.

From razor-sharp website designs to lead-generating strategies that pack a punch, Matt’s got your online presence covered. Need content that captivates? PPC ads that convert? Social media that sizzles? Consider it done. Matt doesn’t just build brands, he propels them to growth.

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